Anatomy of Date Night Bag InfoGraphic

Date nights are super fun and can take a completely different direction than you originally thought. Be prepared by following this list for a perfectly packed date night bag. Our above date night bag info graphic covers all the contents of your date night bag.

First you need an adorable Hand-bag like this Kate Spade in berry tartlet

  1. Colgate Wisps
  2. Dentek Easy Brush – it’s like floss, but it has a little brush on the end. It’s reusable, I usually toss after a couple uses.
  3. Mints (not gum! You don’t want to be chomping on gum during your date)
  4. A small compact – I went to a winery in Napa last weekend and there were no mirrors in the bathroom. I don’t think I’m vain, but I kind of wanted to know if my teeth were purple.
  5. Travel sized mascara ( I love the free one I got from Sephora)
  6. Lipstick – I love this gloss stick hybrid from Maybelline 
  7. Dry Shampoo (This Tresemme version works well and it’s travel sized!)
  8. An extra pair of undies, tuck them into a pocket.
  9. A single use of Advil (my work has these in the kitchen, I like to keep a spare – just in case)
  10. A makeup remover wipe (These come in singles!)
  11. Blotting Sheets – Clean & Care makes these travel ready for your purse.
  12. Travel sized Deodorant (I like this Dove version it’s a $1)
  13. Travel Phone Charger & cord: this thing is literally a life saver, if I’m not near a computer or anything this can add a few hours to your phone life.
  14. Bandaid, at least one, you never know when your favorite shoes will give you a blister
  15. Safety pins, save yourself from disaster
  16. Bobby pins, just in case

What do you think, did we miss anything for date night that you would add?