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Metallic Clutch Handbags : The Perfect NYE Accessory

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and it’s time to plan your party outfit. We love metallic clutch handbags as the perfect accessory to your NYE party outfit. They’re slim, shiny and match even the most glittery outfit. Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Leo Clutch, Rose Gold Buy on Amazon This gorgeous rose gold handbag is perfect for… Read more »

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The Top 5 Love Quotes for him (Romantic Memes)

There are thousands of love quotes for him, but these are our favorites. These quotes hit us in the heart strings. I still get butterflies even though I’ve seen you a hundred times. And suddenly all the love songs were about you You’re my favorite place to go when my mind searches peace. I just… Read more »

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The Reason Your Relationship(s) Ended

People are always on the hunt for the one magical ingredient that turns a regular relationship into “the one”. There are thousands of blog posts on what to look for in a relationship, in a potential partner and in yourself. Networks make billions of dollars on reality tv shows that follow broken relationships. There are… Read more »

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Top 5 Sexy Summer Date Night Ideas

Summer is almost here and we’re in need of some spicy new date ideas. You can only rotate through dinner and happy hours so many times. We compiled our best sexy, summer date night ideas below: Sexy Summer Date Nights 1) Wine Tasting/Brewery Tours – this isn’t only for my California daters, almost anywhere in… Read more »

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How to Play the Dating Game Like A Boss

I always overhear people complaining about dating: “Dating is so hard, guys just want to get in my pants.” “He’s always playing games with me.” “I don’t know the rules of dating.” And on and on and on. Dating isn’t as complicated as everyone makes it seem. Own the dating scene like a boss. The… Read more »

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Dating App Outs Cheaters After 42% of Tinder Users Revealed as Taken

A study Tinder recently released data that 42% of their users are in relationships. The dating app Hinge has taken a proactive approach by “outing” their non-single members. However, only 3.6% of members are reportedly taken. Since all these dating apps take information from your social media profiles it seems like it would be common… Read more »

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Top 5 Places for Sexy Lingerie

It’s hard to buy sexy lingerie these days without going somewhere and trying things on. Not our favorite thing to do. Instead we have our go-to places for lingerie and we order online. This removes the awkward “trying undiesĀ on in a public place” element. You want to be sexy and wear sexy clothes! You just… Read more »

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Get Out of That Gray Area into a Labeled Relationship

The inevitable gray area. Every relationship has this phase: where you both know you like each other but neither one wants to step forward to define the relationship because that might push your potential partner away. You spend hours, days, even weeks stressing about what they are thinking or how their feeling in this relationship…. Read more »

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The Easiest Way to De-stress After A Breakup

Stress can creep up on you, especially after a breakup. Outside of the usual take a bath and eat some ice-cream like you see in every rom-com ever, we thought we would recommend some de-stressers you may not have heard of. Get Outside: There’s nothing better than a little fresh air and vitamin D can… Read more »

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The One Factor No One Considers in a Relationship

Location is everything. Not just in regards to where you are in a relationship with someone, but where you are physically located. On a relative scale if you are living together or close to one another this puts different challenges and advantages towards your relationship. If you are living together and the space was previously… Read more »