A study Tinder recently released data that 42% of their users are in relationships. The dating app Hinge has taken a proactive approach by “outing” their non-single members. However, only 3.6% of members are reportedly taken.

Since all these dating apps take information from your social media profiles it seems like it would be common sense to include relationship status to weed out devious players.  Your dating profile showcases your pictures, your location and your age, it’s questionable that relationship status was omitted in the first place.

In Tinder’s case, there’s argument that relationship status would be omitted because it’s a “hookup app”, but at the same time, why hookup in a relationship. If you want to hookup be honest, don’t be in a committed relationship, unless it’s an open one.

Facebook allows users to set their relationship to “It’s complicated” and “In an open relationship”, perhaps the social stigma “open relationships” is too much for these users. However, at least it would be more honest to potential hookups.

There are websites and apps specifically tailored to cheaters, in some regard this almost seems “better” because both parties are more honest about their relationship situation. We definitely don’t condone cheating, but at least each user is aware.

A well played marketing ploy by Hinge to attract more potential members by outing their non-single members. We wonder if other dating apps will start following suit.

Bottom-line: Relationship Status SHOULD be included on dating apps.