Avoid Being Catfished

It is incredibly easy to scam people on the free dating websites, and crafty mofo’s can make a paid for dating site their con. Potential scammers just grab a photo from someone else and make up their elaborate story.

Here’s an example of scammers using this retired sergeant‘s photo for catfishing. He is happily married and had no idea of all the side profiles.

Signs you’re being catfished:

1) Their pictures seem professional. They might have a lot of vivid black and whites or half a photo in the dark. They could be a model with professional photos, but probably not.

2) Their facts don’t add up. If you notice little changes in their story or information, it’s time to do some digging. Nev from the popular TV show catfish often starts with just a Google search to see more information on someone. Check out our article on How to Investigate Your Date.

3) They avoid phone calls and/or meeting in person or over Skype/face-time. They might plan on meeting with you or making a Skype date, but something always happens and they don’t quite make it. They might have a believable excuse, but if it happens several times, something fishy is happening.

4) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Trust your gut, if they sound like the most impossibly perfect person, it’s because they’ve become a pro at playing your vulnerabilities and being exactly who you would want.

Any tips from readers on how to avoid being catfished? Or have a catfish story to share?