What is Edging?

Edging is coming close to orgasming and then stopping close to climax. It sounds like a recipe for sexual frustration, but it leads to more powerful orgasms. Passionate movie sex that you thought was the thing of Rom Coms. You can edge just one orgasm or multiple orgasms.

Personally, I have practiced “edging”; sometimes on purpose and sometimes not on purpose. It definitely does make for a strong climax. Sexual edging can be really fun and explosive.

From a stolen man’s perspective: most men use it to prolong sex so that the man can last longer. Otherwise all sex would be under five minutes of penetration. Most women like a little more stimulation than the length of a commercial break during the Kardashians.

I would recommend practicing on yourself first, and using some lube (we have some great recommendations). This will help you figure out when to stop to get the edging effect. The trick is to almost reach climax and then stop. Supposedly the more almost orgasms you have the more powerful the orgasm at the end.

Edging Pros:

  • A more powerful, intense orgasm
  • More time for sex (continually edging and building to orgasm takes time)
  • More cum (for the man, you can decide if this is a pro or a con)
  • Supposedly edging can combat erectile dysfunction and increase blood flow

Edging Cons:

  • Pump, pump stop is not always a turn-on, sometimes you just want to be in the moment and not stop

For women feel the moment, and go with what feels good in sex (powerful orgasms on the horizon). Edging can be something fun to try and can lead to a powerful orgasm. For men, even if you don’t admit it, I bet you already practice this in some form (wink, wink).