First Date Tips

Like many people, I’ve been falling into the habit of binge reading news media sites like Elite Daily, Huffington Post or POPSUGAR. There’s always all these lists of “awkward moments with your new bf”, “how to hide your crazy” or “how to bend the truth on your profile”. This makes no sense to me, why set yourself up basically accepting that people lie on their online dating profiles and then encouraging people to do their best to hide it for as long as possible.

1. Don’t lie. I get that you don’t need to tell him about your rom-com addiction or how you still have posters of N’Sync up in your closet, but don’t be telling him that you love being outdoors when your idea of outdoors is the outdoor mall.

2. Don’t lie or bend the truth on your profile. It’s repetitive, I know. It sounds appealing to photoshop all your photos to be the best “version of you.” However, #nofilter make sure he recognizes you in person, if you catch my drift.

3. Do put some thought into your outfit. Don’t stress over every detail, but make sure it represents yourself, and that you didn’t forget that it was laundry day so you’re wearing your high school jeans and a hole-y tee. Make sure you don’t wear high heels if you’re going on a hike (actually don’t go on a hike on your first date, sounds like a recipe to be on an episode of 60 minutes).

4. Do order what you want, within reason. If you’re going out for drinks or dinner don’t feel like you can’t order the food you want. If he asks you where you should go on the date, make a suggestion, don’t give the “I don’t know” answer.

5. Don’t be a texting Tammy. When you’re on the date be on the date (as told by Hitch). It’s hard enough to determine if you have a connection with someone and easy to discount them if they are constantly on their phone. (Me! I’m over here!). Leave your phone alone.

6. Keep the drinking to two drink max, you don’t want to be boozing it to the point of slurring. That’s always awkward when you thought the date was going well and he asks you if you’ll “be okay”.

7. Make sure you allow him to talk. Sounds like common sense, but easily overlooked. If he’s doing all the questioning, make sure you slip some questions in there too, it’s not an interrogation and he doesn’t want to listen to you ramble about yourself the entire time, no matter how great your lip gloss is.

8. Leave him with a hint of next time. (Well if you want a next time). Make sure to say something along the lines of “talk to you soon” or “hope we can do this again.”

9. Most importantly of all: Relax and Be Yourself. He’s going to find out your interests and who you are eventually, better just be yourself now, because you’re awesome how you are.