byob painting

1) Our Hottest Article This Week: How Do Most Couples Meet (Not Online)

With only 9.4% of couples meeting online and 38.6% meeting through friends according to a recent survey, we focused on leveraging your friends to create new relationships (platonic and romantic!).  With all the available online dating apps we were really surprised that less than 10% of couples meet online.

2) Most Viral Romantic Moment: 365 Day Proposal

We were completely surprised by the negative backlash on social media about this video. A lot of users complained it was too long and “borderline creepy” because he had only been dating her a couple months when he started filming it. We think when you know, you know! Some others complained that this was over the top and an excessive amount of time involved. It’s a wedding proposal people, there are no rules! We applaud his effort (even though we too skipped ahead a little – guilt!)

3) Hot Upcoming Show: The new episode of Married at First Sight (Season 2) Premieres Tuesday at 9/8c 

We find this show so fascinating. It could be the almost desperate/lazy state that each one of them seem to be in, like “Oh someone else will do all the work and magically I’ll have a great relationship!” or “I can’t find anyone and I’m tired of looking, I want to be married NOW!” But due to the scientific nature of the couples matching they all appear to be interesting matches. Last season 2/3 couples stayed together (thus far) this is a better success rate than the bachelor!

4) Our Top Weekend Date Suggestion: BYOB Painting

There are a ton of groupons/living socials for this, but it’s also a really easy group date. If there isn’t a painting class available in your area, host your own. Have your friends bring wine and cheese and you provide canvas (we recommend this sketchbook: sturdy paper and low cost), buy a set of brushes, a couple paints sets (acrylic, it dries way faster and is less messy than oil & watercolor), lay out newspapers and set out red solo cups of water. Paint! Drink! Enjoy! (Oh and make sure to take the awkward group photo of everyone holding their masterpiece ;)!

5) Top Happy Hour Location This Week in San Francisco: Farallon on Union Square 

Hot happy hour spot

They might be $$$$ on Yelp but their happy hour is le affordable ($1 oysters and good cocktails for $6) I recommend wedging yourself at the bar pre:5pm if possible, it gets cutthroat around 5:30. Still totally worth it, it always has a great vibe and the service is on point.

What would make it into your top 5?