Empire Fox Series

With about 14.2 million users tuning in to watch Fox’s hit show Empire you have to think there’s something really compelling about the show (if you haven’t already watched it, in which case you would know there’s something compelling).

The premise of the show is that Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) comes out of prison after 17 years and almost no contact from her family. Her husband didn’t wait for her and her one son can’t seem to forgive her. Rough start to freedom in 17 years.

Prison presents an interesting set of issues to a partnership, how long is too long to wait for someone who is incarcerated. The Empire series on Fox highlights a relationship in which one partner didn’t wait for the other.

There are a lot of opinion pieces on waiting for a partner in jail, like this Madame Noire article. It presents an entirely different waiting game than waiting for a military spouse or someone to return from business trip.

We think personally we wouldn’t wait. Karrueche Tran might have no problems waiting 100 days for her millionaire superstar boyfriend Chris Brown, but we wouldn’t be.

No woman deserves a criminal. Criminals tend to be selfish, self-serving jerks. Of course he will encourage you to wait, you’re a sure deal when he gets out. He might try and convince you he’s not guilty, but we’ve watched enough Investigation Discovery to know that everyone think they aren’t guilty. However, so few are actually incarcerated incorrectly.

We sense there’s more to the story with Cookie’s jail time, and we blame ruthless Lucious.

Would you wait?