Adult Sex Store

Have you ever gone into a sex toy store before? The sales associates always seem extra perky and no one besides sales associates make eye contact with you. It’s like we’re all guys buying tampons at the grocery store. There’s this weird feeling of being ashamed while you’re in there. Feeling ashamed makes no sense, not even for guys buying tampons.

The store itself is brightly lit with cheery sales people, yet somehow it feels like you’re in the seedy section of some old run down video store (yes, video stores still exist).

  • Don’t be afraid: everyone else in there just wants the same thing you do. It just seems to be culturally shameful to admit it.
  • Talk to the Sales people: they want to help you! Plus they usually work on commission, they are incredibly knowledgable and know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t worry, they don’t judge.
  • Know what you want: you don’t have to know exactly what you want product wise, but think about if you want to try something new or what kind of experience you’re looking for.
  • Yelp it: I know in my neighborhood (San Francisco), there’s some eclectic stores, so make sure they have the kind of products you’re looking for and good reviews. Otherwise before you know it you have accidentally stumbled into an all leather outfit store. Which is totally cool, just not what I wanted.
  • Have fun! Sounds ridic, but having fun and not being terrified that you’re going to see someone you know makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

The last time my boyfriend and I went to the sex store we got several different lube samples (how do you know unless you test them?), cock rings (these ended up being kind of awkward, cutting of circulation and sliding around, they did make him last longer), a bullet sized vibrator (actually a great useful purchase) and a vibrating cock ring (also fun, but not for everyone as there was some loss of circulation).

Still not convinced that you can handle a sex shop? There’s plenty of things available in the Adult shop on or from online shops like Lover’s Lane. They even send things in discreet packaging so no one will know what you’re ordering. Don’t let fear keep you from fun sexy, experiments.