Monday Night Date Ideas

Mondays are the worst. Case of the Mondays? Of course. I like to plan a little something in the evening so there’s some sort of reward for the first day after the weekend. Here are my top 4 Monday Night Date Ideas:

1) Happy Hour: The weekend leaves a dent in my bank account so I like to check out the happy hour deals, especially for Monday. A lot of places in San Francisco have $4/drink deals (Harrow)

2) Balcony Grill Out: Somehow eating out on my porch at my little bistro table is more fancy than my kitchen table. Especially when I plan to do so. There’s nothing more enticing than looking forward to grilled chicken and asparagus all day.

3) TV Floor Picnic: My boyfriend and I love the show Blacklist, which is fortunately on Monday nights so we usually get some wine and make some burgers or steak and sit on the floor with some pillows and blankets while we watch wide-eyed.

4) Bowling: Bowling on a Monday night with a pitcher of beer is always fun, be sure to check out Groupons/Living Socials in your area for dance classes, bowling or mini golf or something that seems a little different.

What’s your Monday Motivation?