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Where One Story Ends Love Begins (Sexy Short Stories)

She stared at the amber liquid in the glass in front of her. It wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to want the burn of the alcohol, but she didn’t. She hardly drank. Instead, all she wanted was to forget, and for that, the alcohol was her friend. Her husband of ten years was an… Read more »

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Almost Wedding Day (Sexy Erotic Short Story)

“Come on, don’t drive like this, I’ll take you.” I glanced up at Liam, surprised he was there. I let my hands fall from the wheel into my lap.  I had unsuccessfully been trying to get my fiance’s push button, stick shift car started. Ex-fiancé. I was breathing heavy and it was hard to see… Read more »

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Not So Unrequited Love (Sexy Short Story)

It had been about ten years since I had been back in this tiny, little po-dunk town. I was fresh off the city air, pulling up into the woodsy, beach air of North Carolina. I hated that I had to be back here, but my momma sounded pretty desperate on the phone. I kept in touch with my… Read more »

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Anniversary Escapades (Steamy Short Story)

Rick glided his hands over the tops of my thighs under the table. I mentally thanked myself for choosing the dark red dress instead of the sleek pants outfit I contemplated for a good twenty minutes. His fingers slipped up under my hemline and his thumb stroked the inside of my thigh sending a small… Read more »

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Metallic Clutch Handbags : The Perfect NYE Accessory

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and it’s time to plan your party outfit. We love metallic clutch handbags as the perfect accessory to your NYE party outfit. They’re slim, shiny and match even the most glittery outfit. Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Leo Clutch, Rose Gold Buy on Amazon This gorgeous rose gold handbag is perfect for… Read more »

Elder Priest Pennies Pepper Winters

Pennies by Pepper Winters (Dollars Series Book 1)

Pennies (Dollars, Book 1) By Pepper Winters $0.99 : Buy on Kindle Pennies by Pepper Winters Our Rating: 4.5 stars Pennies by Pepper Winters, is the darkest book we’ve read by this author. There isn’t a lot of depth to the heroine or anti-hero in the first installment, but we read the entire book in… Read more »

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Knight by Kristen Ashley

Knight By Kristen Ashley $3.99 Knight by Kristen Ashley on Kindle Our Rating:  He’s a bad boy. She’s got that innocent good girl glow. One night at a house party Anya finds herself in his bedroom in need of a phone. Knight thinks he’ll never see her again. Until Anya needs rescuing at a nightclub, Knight realizes… Read more »

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The Notebook (Book) By Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook (book) By Nicolas Sparks Buy the Notebook on Kindle for $3.99 Our Rating:  It’s a beautiful, tender story of love lost and love found that stretches deep across decades. A love so deep   It’s a deep and tender love story that will strike you right to the core. The Notebook follows Noah and… Read more »

How to Play the Dating Game

Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas: Rags to Riches Southern Romance

Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas Buy Sugar Daddy for $3.99 on Kindle Our Rating:  It’s seductive. It’s sexy. And you can’t put it down. Hands down, one of my favorite romance novels. You can’t help but root for Liberty to find a happy ending after all the sacrifices and hardships she’s had to endure in… Read more »

Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters: Lose Yourself in the Erotic Dark Romance

Tears of Tess By Pepper Winters Click on the picture to purchase Buy Tears of Tess for $3.99 on Kindle Our Rating:  Our 4 star review for Tears of Tess is based on the dark unusual themes of erotica, bondage and BDSM. The story-line was fast paced and kept us reading to the very last… Read more »

  • 50 shades of Grey

    The Dirtiest Excerpt from Fifty Shades of Grey

    The Dirtiest Excerpts from Fifty Shades of Grey: It starts off with Anastasia taking her roommates place to get an interview from Christian Grey, billionaire entrepreneur in Seattle. Anastasia is a college senior who is still finding her way in life. She’s attracted to Christian Grey and he finds himself pining after her as well. Little… Read more »

  • The Top 5 Love Quotes for him (Romantic Memes)

    There are thousands of love quotes for him, but these are our favorites. These quotes hit us in the heart strings. I still get butterflies even though I’ve seen you a hundred times. And suddenly all the love songs were about you You’re my favorite place to go when my mind searches peace. I just… Read more »

  • long distance relationship

    5 Tips to Make It in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

    Recent data says that 3 million married Americans are in a long distance relationship and over half of U.S. College students are in one (that’s 13 million people total).  Personally I know several couples that are in long-term long distance relationships both successful and not. A study of both long distance and close proximity couples… Read more »

  • communication in a relationships

    The Reason Your Relationship(s) Ended

    People are always on the hunt for the one magical ingredient that turns a regular relationship into “the one”. There are thousands of blog posts on what to look for in a relationship, in a potential partner and in yourself. Networks make billions of dollars on reality tv shows that follow broken relationships. There are… Read more »

  • NY prison escape love triangle

    OITNB: Prisoner-Guard Relationship Leads to Real Life Escape

    Orange is the New Black was released on Netflix only a couple weeks ago and I have already plowed through every episode. The main themes taking over the internet are about Ruby Rose’s breakout amazingness and who actually makes our underwear and wondering how often prisoner-guard relationships happen. Recently, in the news two convicted murderers were able… Read more »

  • Sexy Summer Date Idea

    Top 5 Sexy Summer Date Night Ideas

    Summer is almost here and we’re in need of some spicy new date ideas. You can only rotate through dinner and happy hours so many times. We compiled our best sexy, summer date night ideas below: Sexy Summer Date Nights 1) Wine Tasting/Brewery Tours – this isn’t only for my California daters, almost anywhere in… Read more »

  • How to Play the Dating Game

    How to Play the Dating Game Like A Boss

    I always overhear people complaining about dating: “Dating is so hard, guys just want to get in my pants.” “He’s always playing games with me.” “I don’t know the rules of dating.” And on and on and on. Dating isn’t as complicated as everyone makes it seem. Own the dating scene like a boss. The… Read more »

  • fighting in relationship

    The Biggest Mistake You Make During an Argument

    When you get into a heated argument with your significant other, you have two options: internalize and walk away or communicate the real issue.  Involving other people in your relationship is like bringing them all with when you go on dates or hit up the bedroom. Creepy, right? I get it, sometimes you just want… Read more »

  • Dating App Outs Cheaters After 42% of Tinder Users Revealed as Taken

    A study Tinder recently released data that 42% of their users are in relationships. The dating app Hinge has taken a proactive approach by “outing” their non-single members. However, only 3.6% of members are reportedly taken. Since all these dating apps take information from your social media profiles it seems like it would be common… Read more »

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    8 Things You Think When Your Friend Gets Back Together With Her Ex (For the Eighth Time)

    Remember last week when you were playing (happily) “We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together?” They got back together. You stop mid happy dance and turn to your mirror in exasperation. Their relationship is up and it’s down, and it’s really down. You want to be a good friend, but you can’t keep lying… Read more »