Penis Pump The Real Story

“Are you seriously writing an article about penis pumps?” I am. Cue the snickers and head shakes.  Surprisingly, the penis pump wasn’t just a made up prop from Magic Mike to highlight Joe Manganiello’s abs. A penis pump is a real certified medical device. The hilarity. Yet, Medicare covers the cost of these as medical devices. (Medicare has doled out $172M for penis pumps in the last 6 years) Are you kidding me, $172M?! Why is this a necessary medical device…I digress.

The claims sound intriguing, “place a vacuum sucker on the end of your penis to suck the blood into your dick”. And voila! A larger penis. A “small” man’s dream.

It does seem to be somewhat of a confidence booster for men, who have always been obsessed with the size of their peen. Women care about orgasming and making our partners orgasm. Not about peen sizes, shocking revelation I know.  Just listen to this girl’s story with her ex-boyfriend.

If you want to see a picture, Google before and after penis pumps. I’m not going to share an image.

Real Story: According to all the research I’ve done it’s painful for the man and it causes them to lose feeling in their junk. Learn about the penis pump side effects from the Mayo Clinic with in-depth insights.

The bottom-line: They DO make penises bigger. About 1/2″-1″ bigger in girth and possibly 1″-2″ bigger in length. However, it’s painful and causes a loss of feeling. Maybe something worth trying once “just to see”.

But otherwise not necessary for pleasing your partner. What do you think?