Sex in Relationship

Sex is amazing. Sex in a relationship can become more than intimacy. It can evolve into a power struggle or something mediocre. Don’t let it.

1) Don’t use sex as a weapon. When you’re angry it’s easy to fall into using sex as a punishment for your significant other. Don’t do it! It seems like an easy trick, but it will starve you of your endorphin release as well. Sex brings you closer together. It’s what continues to reaffirm your relationship.

2) Keep up Appearances. Don’t let yourself go. It’s not so much for your significant other as it is for yourself. You feel sexier when you remember to put on your makeup and shave your coochie. Keep up with what makes you feel good about yourself. It might be a manicure or a new eye shadow. Get it.

3) Communication. Have you seen that movie with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake called “Friends with Benefits“? It’s fairly unmemorable, but there is a scene where Mila is telling Justin exactly how she likes it down below. You want to try spicing up the bedroom? Tell your significant other exactly what you want, they might be more up for it than you think.

4) Don’t lie. Don’t fake an orgasm, that’s a cardinal rule. You’re setting the orgasm bar real low if you’re faking it. Eventually that fake orgasm you did to make your partner happy will only lead to resentment. Tell them what you like, don’t rush.

5) Make time for sex. It seems silly, but with careers, working out, hobbies and friends; sometimes having sex can get lost in the mix. Make sure that you make time for sexy time.

6) Spice it up. Has the old bedroom routine become boring? Suggest something to spice it up. Take a trip to the local sex toy store. Don’t worry everyone else there is also feeling awkward and not up to making eye contact. Or just look up a new sex position. My boyfriend gets a little glint in his eye when I say, “I wanna try something”.

Any suggestions to keep up with your love life?