Vagina Health

Vaginas need love too. We give ample time to our hair, our skin, our nails and on and on. When it comes to our vagina we spend most of our time ripping the hair out of it.  Or getting vagina cosmetic surgery, which is on the rise 80%. If your labia is hanging out around your underwear, we get the desire to cosmetically enhance it.

Did you know when you’re turned on your vagina doubles in size? It’s like an umbrella in there and when you get excited it enlarges.  If you never have, or haven’t recently, take a compact mirror and sit on the floor with your legs spread, prepare to be amazed.

Follow These Tips To Show Your Vagina Some Love:

1) Keep soap and shaving cream and other things out of your vagina. These can mess with your pH levels which can cause itching or worse yeast infections and UTIs.

2) Oil it up: Put a little coconut oil on your labia everyday – we can call it a vagina facial

3) So you want to landscape down there: your options are razor, electric razor, Nair and waxing. Electric razor is your healthiest bet. Too much hair can cause odors down there, but no hair is also recipe for things getting in your vag. You want to avoid getting bumps and ingrown hairs, so if you must go bare be sure to use a razor burn prevention.

4) Have sex, lots of sex: Continuous sex is actually good for your vagina muscles, keeping everything firm up in there. No partner? Try these kegel silicone balls

5) Use condoms and pee after sex: condoms actually maintain the pH in your vagina. Peeing after sex can help keep your urinary tract clean and help in preventing UTIs.

6) Do use Lube: lube can help alleviate friction and keep skin from chafing. No one wants vaginal chafing. Be sure to avoid petroleum jelly lube (like Vasoline) as it can cause infection and condoms to break down.

6) Go commando when possible: I’m not talking about when you’re going clubbing and you’re going to slide out of a cab, but at night sleep without any undies or pants a couple times a week to let your vag breathe.

7) Wear cotton underwear: too much synthetic fabric can rub against your vagina trapping bacteria and making it hard for your vagina to breathe.

8) Eat Healthy: Diet definitely impacts vaginal health. If you’re prone to yeast infections, add some yogurt to your diet or take some probiotic supplements.

Things Not To Do To Your Vagina:

  • Douching, as it says on every label ever, douching is bad! Just like douches.
  • Wash it with soap, if you must wash, a little warm water splashed in there should do the trick.
  • Wear too tight clothes, especially when exercising – this can disrupt your pH and can cause vaginal chafing (count us out!).
  • Don’t be like Gwyneth and steam your vagina – The centuries old Korean steam bath for your vag, works like this: “Pungent steam rises from a boiling pot of a mugwort tea blended withwormwood and a variety of other herbs.” Steaming your vagina is the equivalent of douching.

If you think you have a yeast infection, check out our article on yeast infections.

Next time you have a spa day, make time for your vagina. A little vagina facial and some air to breath is the perfect spa time between your legs.