Spermicidal lube

There’s a dysfunctional aspect associated with lube. As a woman, it’s your job to create the lubrication during sex. I say this sarcastically, as everyone has different levels of lubrication. But still, using lube has a little stigma attached, as if using it is unnatural. But it’s not!

Even if you “gush”, you’ll be surprised at the whirlwind of difference a little lube can make.

There are lots of types of sexual lubricants, we reviewed our favorite types for each category.

Buy Lube Samples

The key to finding the right lube is samples, lots of samples. Some sex stores have samples for free, and other ones charge $1-3 each, see our insights on how to go to the sex store without feeling like a weirdo.

Also certain lubes can irritate your skin or your insides, so it’s best to get a sample and try it out before you go all in on a big bottle of something that doesn’t work for you.

Make sure you wash afterward

No matter what type of lube you end up going with, it’s best to wash everything up down there to minimize the chances of UTI’s and yeast infections.

Different types of lube:

1) Water-based lube: these are slick, but not sticky and can be less messy than other types of lube.

Pros: Minimal cleanup, compatible with condoms and most sex toys

Cons: The down-side is some reapplication might be needed

Our Top Choice for Water-Based Lube:
Shibari Intimate Lubricant – Water Based 8oz Bottle
2) Silicone-based lube: have a thin texture, but are oilier and tend to last longer. A lot of silicone based lubes are also include spermicides. Usually not compatible with sex toys and condoms.

Pro: less-reapplication

Con: Messy and can be really sticky. More people are allergic to these types.

Shibari Intimate Lubricant – Silicone Based 8oz Bottle

3) Oil-based lube: this is the less popular type of lube because they do not work with condoms or sex toys.

Pro: Usually on-hand, like Vasoline or vitamin E oil (but some people are allergic)

Con: Don’t use with condoms or sex toys. They are not great for vaginal health. These are also very messy.

No recommendations for oil-based lube, it’s best not to use it.

4) Flavored Lube: This is definitely one you want a sample of because some flavored lubes can taste disgusting. I’m talking melted plastic disgusting. Usually since these are edible they are water-based lubricants, but make sure to read the label.

Pro: Edible, easy clean-up, slick

Con: Can taste gross, might not last very long.

Our Recommendation for Flavored Lube:

System Jo makes a lot of flavors, so if you’re not into strawberry we heard watermelon is good too.

System Jo New H2o -Strawberry Kiss- Flavored Water Based Lubricant (Super Long Lasting, Never Sticky or Tacky, 100% Latex Safe) : Size 5.25 Fl. Oz / 150ml

5) Organic Lube: Looking for a natural based lube? Below is our favorite, we’ve tried it a few times. It’s a water-based lubricant with all natural ingredients.

Our top pick for an Organic Lube:

Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricating Gel, 8.5 Ounce