We’ve all been there. You thought things were going well and then BAM! you’re shattered. You feel every line of every Adele song ever written. Taylor Swift comes on the radio and you’re like “I know your pain T-Swift!”

Breaking up sucks, no matter which side of the spectrum you’re on.

Here’s a 30 day recipe to get over that heartbreak. And by thirty day recipe I mean repeat the following tips until 30 days have passed.

10 Things To Do After a Break-up

  1. Cue your heartbreak playlist. At least 20 songs that speak to your soul and your heart remnants. Refinery29 has a great list.  “Cold as You” by Taylor Swift was one of my guilty favorites.
  2. Watch romantic movies. But only for a little while, remember the good times. Be sad for a while, it will help you move on. Just don’t torture yourself.
  3. Block all social media, email accounts, shared cell bills. It’s hard to move on when you constantly see pictures of them taking their little sister to the movies or hanging out with new people. Don’t fall into the unintended stalker trap!
  4. Make a list of everything wrong with your last relationship. When a relationship is over it’s often easier to remember the good parts, but in order to move on you need to figure out why it didn’t work.
  5. Change up your hairstyle. Nothing says I’m so over you like a new hairstyle.  “The new me would never date that last person.”
  6. Sweat your pain away, at the gym. Working out will give you more endorphins than chocolate, this is especially helpful in the angry phase of heartbreak.
  7. Make a list of all the things you want to do. There were probably at least a couple things your relationship was holding you back from. Time to finally take that trip to Italy, learn how to parasail, or get that obnoxiously expensive pair of shoes you always wanted.
  8. Lean on your friends. Vent to them until you don’t have anything more to say, a lot of times they saw the signs that it wasn’t meant to be before you did. Plus having a girls/guys night can be exhilarating, nothing cures heartbreak like laughter.
  9. Fake it until you make it. Maybe you’re not over it, but one day at a time. No sense in wasting perfectly good time on sadness and a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.
  10. Change up your room or your housing space. A little change can be refreshing and it stops you from thinking, “Remember that time we were there and we did that?” Le sigh.
  11. The Golden Rule: Don’t contact your ex for at least a few months. We’ve all been there, where one party is hoping the other one will change it’s mind. The wounds are still fresh so hookups are likely and someone always ends up more devastated than they were at the initial break up.

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