Sexy Summer Date Idea

Summer is almost here and we’re in need of some spicy new date ideas. You can only rotate through dinner and happy hours so many times. We compiled our best sexy, summer date night ideas below:

Sexy Summer Date Nights

1) Wine Tasting/Brewery Tours – this isn’t only for my California daters, almost anywhere in the U.S. you can find a winery, cider or brewery. Meckley’s is amazing in Michigan.

2) Candlelight Picnics: Head out to your balcony, your apartment floor or a local park. Picnics are made infinitely better with tea light candles, a bottle of wine and cheese.

3)Boat Tour Happy Hour: Where there’s water, there’s a way.  There are mid week and weekend deals for 1-2 hour boat tours that happen on the bay, river, lake, ocean you name it. A lot of these boats also have DJs for a sexy dance night.

4) Take a Salsa/latin dance class: Check out Living Social and Groupon for some great deals on dancing lessons. Several of the dance lesson venues now offer cocktails while you get lessons, bonus.

5) Arrive separately to a lounge/bar/club: There’s nothing like meeting a hot stranger at a bar you have never been to before. Bonus points if you role play like you don’t know each others.

Summer and sexy dates go together like strawberries and champagne.  Make sure to share your top date night ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.